„Fremdsprachen sprechen und kulturelle Unterschiede kennen öffnet viele Türen.”


My language classes usually start in the first week of each school term, an uusally finish in the last week of each school term.

Towards the end of each term, I always ask my students who would like to continue.  Please note that if my students decide that they would like to keep on going without much of a break between terms, I am usually very happy to continue my classes during the NZ school holidays 

Here a few things I would lke my students to know / remember:

1. Thanks for respecting that all mobile phones / i-pods / i-pads have to be switched off during my classes.

2. "Repetiton is the key to success.  Only 10 % is talent.  The rest is work."

To encourage my language students to repeat what they haved learned in class and to endeavour a steady progress, I give "Repetition" handouts for each grammatical subject.  Though it is tempting to treat these continuous tests like "open book" tests since they don't officially count, I urge my students to treat them like "closed book" tests. 

The Repetition handouts help students to see if they have to put more time in respectively if they haven't understood something yet (then simply ask me to explain it again).  The tests also help students to decide if they would like to continue learning the language they have chosen.

3. Enrolling in Classes - and not taking private Lessons - means that students have to be good team players (which includes patiently and positively waiting for each other etc).

Students who learn more quickly or already know some things must be willing to wait for weaker students - without grizzling or telling me, the tutor, off in front of the class that we have already done this certain subject / grammar.  I appreciate that not everyone wants to wait for weaker students.  Thus I strongly encourage students who want to learn at their own pace to take private lessons.

Since Adult Community Education (= ACE) classes do not provide any NZQA or NCEA qualification at the end, we ACE tutors totally rely on the goodwill of all our students to be positive, mature, good team players.  Thanks a lot for being considerate towards your fellow students and us ACE tutors.

4. Teaming up with fellow language students privately is a great way of learning a language more quickly, having fun and possibly making new friends.


If anyone is interested in learning German, French and / or Italian but the times when I run certain classes does not suit him / her OR the class has already started

please contact me nonetheless.  Thanks a lot.

Maybe we can work something out.  And if not, I am more than happy to keep your contact details and email / give you the details of my language classes for the following term at the end of the running term.



5. Payment is possible by

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • online Banking