„Fremdsprachen sprechen und kulturelle Unterschiede kennen öffnet viele Türen.”


If the time of my classes does not suit you, or you would like to learn at your own pace, or you would like to learn a language during the school holidays, one-to-one tuition might be the answer.

Ich biete auch Privatunterricht via Skype an.

Gebühr:    NZ$ 35 / Stunde

Handzettel:    zusätzlich NZ$ 0,10 / Seite

Please always bring to each lesson:

- (A 4) lined refill
- pen / pencil
- 6 different-coloured highlighters / pencils
- (A 4) ring binder

- tab divider (with 15 - 20 tabs)
- all handouts you have already received
- enthusiasm and opennedd to learn new things

After 5 - 6 months students should also have a good dictionary (please check with me before buying one).

Students only progress steadily if they continuously repeat / practice for 45 - 60 minutes daily, additionally to attending weekly lessons.  Teaming up with other students of mine etc helps greatly.

To understand the basics who a language works well takes approx. 9 - 12 months.  However, because of the huge vocabulary that languages have, it takes approx. 3 years to speak German well respectively approx. 2 years to speak Italian or French well - given that one puts the time and energy into it.  Otherwise learning another language takes much takes longer...

If one lives in e.g. a German-speaking country or has a friend / family member / partner who speaks e.g. fluent German

it still takes approx. 9 - 12 months to first understand the "mechanics" of a language.  However, then it is possible to achieve fluency after only another 1 - 2 years.

To encourage my students to repeat what they have learned during the lesson and to endeavour a steady progress, I give "Repetition" handouts for each grammatical subject.  Though it is tempting to treat these continuous tests like "open book" tests since they don't officially count, I urge my students to treat them like "closed book" tests.

The repetiton handouts help students to see if they have to put more time in respectively if they haven't understood something (then simply ask me to explain it again).



Payment is possible by

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • online Banking