"Knowing Languages and Cultural Differences opens many doors"

Welcome - Herzlich Willkommen - Bienvenue - Benvenuti


Speaking another language can increase your potential and marketability, especially if you choose to live / work overseas.


By studying languages you learn more about the world, which broadens your mind and enhances your understanding of different cultures.


Proverb: "Repetiton is the mother of all learning."



My name is Uschi Braun.  "Uschi" (pronounced like "(s) ushi") means "Little she-bear" and "Braun" is the German version of "Brown".


In 2004 I started teaching, and I would love to share my enthusiasm for languages, cultures and life with you.


I was born and grew up in Germany, had English, French and Italian at school and obtained a Diploma in Languages (German, English, Italian) from the University of Mainz in Germany.  I also hold a Certificate in Teaching from the Auckland University of Technology (in New Zealand), a Diploma in Marketing, etc.


I travelled extensively (including a 9-month world-trip) before moving to New Zealand in 1994.  After 21 years in New Zealand I moved to UK since I missed the old European culture.  I have 'come full circle' and feel very settled in Petersfield.



I offer

  • Courses and private tuition (German, French and Italian) at my place or inhouse training at companies / organisations / schools
  • incl. insight into these cultures (also very important then doing business)
  • Private tuition (English)
  • Translating (German, Italian, [official translations for New Zealand Immigration) and French) and Interpreting (German)
  • Proof-reading (English and German)