"Knowing Languages and Cultural Differences opens many doors"

Here a few things I would lke my students to know / remember:

1. Thanks for switching off all mobile phones / i-pods / i-pads

2. "Repetiton is the key to success.  Only 10 % is talent.  The rest is work."

3. Enrolling in Classes - and not taking private Lessons - means that students have to be good team players (which includes patiently and positively waiting for each other etc).

Students who learn more quickly or already know some things must be willing to wait for the other  students.  I appreciate that not everyone wants to wait for weaker students.  Thus I strongly encourage students who want to learn at their own pace to take private lessons.

4. Teaming up with fellow language students privately is a great way of learning a language more quickly, having fun and possibly making new friends.