"Knowing Languages and Cultural Differences opens many doors"

Please note that I also offer private lessons by Skype.


Tuition fee: GBP 25 (for 60 min)

1 student: GBP 25

2 students: GBP 12.50 per person

3 students: GBP 8.35 per person

4 students: GBP 6.25 per person

Handouts:    additionally GBP 0.10 / page


Please always bring to each lesson:

- (A 4) lined refill
- pen / pencil
- 6 different-coloured highlighters / pencils
- (A 4) ring binder

- tab divider (with 12 - 20 tabs)
- all handouts you have already received
- enthusiasm and being open to learning new things

Students only progress steadily if they continuously repeat / practice for 45 - 60 minutes daily, additionally to attending weekly lessons.  Teaming up with other students of mine etc helps greatly.


To understand the basics who a language works well takes approx. 9 - 12 months.  However, because of the huge vocabulary that languages have, it takes approx. 3 years to speak German well respectively approx. 2 years to speak Italian or French well - given that one puts the time and energy into it.  Otherwise learning another language takes much takes longer...


If one lives in e.g. a German-speaking country or has a friend / family member / partner who speaks e.g. fluent German

it still takes approx. 9 - 12 months to first understand the "mechanics" of a language.  However, then it is possible to achieve fluency after only another 1 - 2 years.